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Crunch & Go believes in a clean yet delicious food concept. They are advocates of sustainable living and mindful consumption. A cozy place filled with all things rattan, Clear big windows glistening with ample sunlight - Order a freshly brewed coffee with almond milk or a scrumptious avocado sourdough toast topped with microgreens! 

The Problem

There's a new movement in the culinary world that's all about clean food. Clean food is typically made without preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. The trend is sweeping the world and we want to help Crunch & Go get on board with the trend. 


Clean food is often associated with tasteless bland food.  When they talked about clean food, sustainable practises, or thoughtful consumerism, they were reaching no one.We wanted to make clean food a fun experience. 


The client wanted to attract customers who are ready to pay a premium for clean, well-thought-out cuisine that is also environmentally conscious. And the previous branding was simply not cutting it.

The Strategy

Clients of Crunch & Go are enthusiastic about the food's quality and the brand's authenticity. We realised that in order to create an identity that appeals to this specific group, we needed to emphasise the notion of slow living. However, we also wanted to provide a high-end experience to our clients in order to convey a sense of an upbeat brand.


Hand rendered quirky typography laid out with vintage style graphics for a home grown, artisanal feel. Packaging is a dynamic sector with constantly evolving opportunities to make sustainable choices. Kraft paper  &  Corn-based  material for green packaging

What we did


Packaging design

Crunch & GO

Artisanal Cafe 

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