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Kenver is a furniture and decor store that is inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle. They sell furniture and decor items that are made from natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. Kenver's products are designed to be luxurious with a rustic feel.

The Problem

The problem with Kenver’s website is that it is too easy to get lost in the numerous product offerings. The website does not provide any sort of guidance in the form of navigation tools or an easy-to-use search function. The user interface also does not have any visual cues to help users navigate the site easily. Kenver does not have the luxury feel or ease of buying that consumers are used to.

The Strategy

The logo is simple, yet classy, and it has a luxury feel to it. The color scheme is well-thought out, with the use of beige, brown and toffee.

Kenver’s website is beautifully designed with clutter free features that make browsing easy for customers. It has an inviting layout with minimalistic features that make shopping easier for customers who are looking for furniture or decor items to purchase online without having to search through different pages or go through hundreds of products in order to find what they want.

What we did


Website design


2021  -  Boutique Furniture Brand

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