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Encores are an urban, modern and effortless jewelry brand, with a definite feminine edge.

Known for their unique heirloom pieces and journeys of self-discovery, Encores jewelry is powerful yet simple. The collections that story from afar influences and enlightens consumers to explore the meaning of elegance.

The Problem

Jewelry is one of the most expensive purchases that a person can make. For this reason, it is difficult to sell jewelry that has a high price tag.

However, this does not mean that people will stop buying jewelry. People want to buy luxury items and they are willing to spend money on them as long as they are affordable.

The market for premium everyday jewelry is still in its infancy stage but it has the potential to grow exponentially in the future due to increasing demand for luxury goods and rising purchasing power of consumers.

The Strategy

Encore comes to consumers’ rescue for their daily needs: the need for effortless, minimalist but classic pieces that are easy to style. Millennial females often require such staples as they go through their day - whether in a more laid back attire or in formal office attire. 

The color palette for this brand is brick brown, which is associated with warmth and stability. The emerald green adds to the richness of this brand's color scheme. The logo mark is simple – a bling element that makes it stand out among other brands in its industry.

What we did


Packaging design


Fine jewelry 

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