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STARIO is a platform that provides an opportunity for students to share their knowledge with one another. It creates a space where students can learn from one another and explore what they are passionate about.

STARIO is not just an educational platform, but it also has the potential to transform the way we learn and interact with others in our society.

The Problem

STARIO is an educational platform that was designed to offer a new field of study - Sound Engineering. It is difficult to convince people that this new field is worthwhile and has limited knowledge among consumers.

It has been around since 2018 but has had difficulty gaining traction. The company relies heavily on online advertising and promotions to attract users and learners.

The Strategy

We started off with  branding to evoke a sense of digital optimism. The logotype is inspired from the sound formation - a wave and is enhanced with tasteful gradients. We designed a website that is simple and easy to navigate with convincing and relevant call to actions thoughtfully placed. We used the latest design trends and UX principles to create a site that feels fresh, modern and friendly.

The website is not just a digital representation of the company. It’s a silent promoter - an important tool for your business to get more leads and sales. 

What we did


website design


Educational institute 

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